720 watt


Designed for controlled environment horticulture applications requiring efficient, precise, and uniform levels of photosynthetic flux density (PPFD).

Grow Vertical

Vertical Higt: 1ft (0.3m)

Innovative Design.

Modular solution, each tube is controlled by an independent drive, and quality problems will not affect other modules.


PPF: 1800 - 2300 µmol/s

Power consumption (watts): 720 typical

Electrical efficiency (μmol/J): 2.6-3.2


US: 42.8” L x 46.99” W x 4.3” H | 24lbs 13oz

Metric: 108.7 cm L x 119.4 cm W x 10.9 cm H | 11.26 kg

Power Supply Included

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