Introduction of the factory

ACKE foucses on LED grow lights for many years, and the factory has been moving forward to better LED grow lights.

Our factory has its own R&D team, advanced production facilities and automated production lines. We closely observe the latest trends at home and abroad to continuously improve our products in innovation and design. Our products can be applied for greenhouse, gardening, farm, hydroponics, horticulture institutes and laboratory, etc. The grow lights are ideal for cannabis, vegetables and flowers specially.

After-sales service 

ACKE focuses on greenhouse, garden, farm, Hydr-oponics, Horticulture, Institute, Laboratory, Cannabis, Flowers, Vegetables and Customized plant lights. Horticultural luminaires, or grow lights, are installed in horticultural applications, either above or within the canopy. The global market for LED grow lights is on pace to grow more than 25 percent annually through 2021. These products require additional safety and performance testing given the unique environmental conditions they are subjected to, such as high temperature, high humidity and elevated corro-sive elements. However, in the United States, there are currently no safety and performance standards specific to horticultural lighting. 

Intertek’s program incorporates current requirements for general lighting and takes into consideration requirements still in development. As part of a consolidated service package, Intertek also recommends specific performance testing to accompany the safety analysis. As standards for horticultural applications are established, they will be integrated into the program.

Related certifications obtained

Intertek offers a range of quality, performance, regulatory compliance, labelling, and advisory services for lighting products including lamps, luminaires, modules, smart lighting, arrays, and lighting controls. As the indu-stry leading testing and certification company for lighting products, Intertek can provide the most comprehensive quality assurance solutions across the largest global footprint. 
Intertek services help to ensure the safety and performance of lighting products including testing the veracity of claims of energy efficiency or environmental impact. Lighting products can be certified with Intertek’s ETL Mark, which proves compliance to all requisite North American safety standards, as well as the CE mark or equivalent marks for other global markets. 
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ACKE is always moving forward to better LED grow lights. Our factory is rigorously implementing the international quality control system into our production. ACKE strives to create healthy lighting and as such, the factory is constantly ensuring our products are in accordance with the requirements for environmental protection of CE & ROHS and UL or ETL directives.

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